Wellness Trend Forecasts for 2019

As the wellness trend forecasts come rolling in, there’s much to be excited for in 2019…including the release of the Summit Wellness Trends Report on January 28, 2019.

Here is a sample of the current trends reports to explore.

Wellness Trends 2019
Top Wellness Trends of 2019Well+Good
Well+Good’s 14 top health and wellness trends that people will be talking about in the year ahead.

11 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2019MindBodyGreen
Wellness will only continue to become more accessible and earth-friendly according to MindBodyGreen.

The Future 100: 2019JWT Intelligence
J. Walter Thompson Intelligence analyzes 100 key consumer trends that will be important in the year ahead, with a big focus on health, wellness, fitness, mental wellness and beauty.

5 Trends for 2019TrendWatching
These five powerful consumer trends from TrendWatching present ample opportunities for the wellness industry.

Future Forecast 2019The Future Laboratory
A snapshot of their full report outlines key shifts we can expect in 10 industries, including health and wellness, fashion, beauty and more.

This is an excerpt from the TRENDIUM, a bi-weekly communication exploring the wellness trends identified in the 2018 Global Wellness Trends Report.
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