2018 Global Wellness Summit Snapshot

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively impact and shape the future of the dynamic $4.2 trillion global wellness economy. At each annual Summit, delegates are challenged to look at the way business is done–and to create new, collaborative models for the future. Decision-makers who attend the prestigious Summit take part in high-level dialogue and are among the first to look at the future of evidence-based wellness and the latest innovations in the industry.

The 2018 Summit took place October 6-8 at Technogym Village in Cesena, Italy, under the theme, “Shaping the Business of Wellness.” The three-day event featured an unprecedented lineup of over 50 speakers and presenters, each sharing his or her unique insights on the 10 major sectors that comprise the multi-trillion dollar global wellness economy.

2018 Theme: Shaping the Business of Wellness

The Summit examined the 10 major sectors that comprise the multitrillion global wellness economy. Delegates heard from leading voices on the future of the rapidly changing wellness industry, and participated in provocative Roundtables designed to inspire collaboration. While the focus was on the business of wellness, the feeling was one of “La Dolce Vita,” as delegates experienced the magic that is, famously, the sweet life in Italy.

Wellness Economy Sectors

Wellness is a diverse and vibrant $4.2 trillion global economy comprised of 10 unique sectors: Beauty & Anti-Aging; Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss; Preventative & Personalized Medicine & Public Health; Wellness Tourism; Fitness & Mind-Body; Complementary & Alternative Medicine; Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate; Spa Industry; Thermal/Mineral Springs and Workplace Wellness. Summit delegates took a deep dive into the current landscape and future trends in each sector.

2018 Location: Technogym Village, Cesena, Italy

Located in Cesena, Italy, a small town between the Adriatic coast and the hills of Emilia Romagna, the Technogym Village is a 37-acre campus designed to inspire and encourage the wellness lifestyle – not only in terms of physical fitness, but also with a focus on environmental sustainability, architectural wellness and even mental well-being through the beauty of art, music and fashion. Before the word wellness permeated the lexicon, Nerio Alessandri, who founded the company in 1983, dubbed Technogym “The Wellness Company” in the early ’90s. Alessandri’s innovative and integrative approach to the business of wellness, including his insights on technology and the building of a successful, publicly traded company, inspired delegates at the 2018 Summit, as did Technogym’s unique location in the heart of Italy’s “Wellness Valley.”


Delegates attending the annual GWS are leaders and decision-makers from a variety of wellness arenas. Delegates must have senior executive titles such as CEO, president, chairman, divisional SVP or owner, or be recognized as distinguished leaders in their fields.  Company size, yearly sales, number of employees, and length of time in business are also taken into consideration.

Format and Agenda

Each Summit agenda features high-profile speakers and addresses the timeliest issues, ensuring that the GWS offers the vibrancy and relevancy that has become its trademark. Each candidate’s expertise, interests and areas of concern are taken into consideration, along with global events and industry trends, to create the final Summit agenda.

Spirit of the Summit

The spirit of the GWS is one of shared purpose rather than individual gain, using the power of ideas to shape the future of the industry and bring together top-level decision makers from around the world. This ensures that delegates exchange ideas, debate and strategize for the good of our industry, the consumers we serve and the planet we share.