Harness the momentum and join us at the 3rd annual

Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium
Tuesday, May 14, 8:30AM-4:30PM
JPMorgan Chase, NYC

Of the 11 sectors comprising the wellness economy, wellness real estate is building the most momentum, according to the Global Wellness Institute:

• It’s the sector showing the strongest resilience and growth since pandemic

 Market size grew 177% from 2019 ($225.2B) to 2022 ($397.7B)

 Projected average annual growth rate is 17.4% (2023-2027), the highest rate of any sector

 Sector is poised to benefit from explosion in longevity services demand

 Projected market size is $887.5B by 2027

Harness the momentum for your business or investments and join us at the Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium.



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