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Global Wellness News™ | February 29th, 2024

Companies Were Big on CBD. Not Anymore.

A lack of federal regulation and a mishmash of state laws have made selling products featuring the cannabis-derived ingredient not worth the trouble.

Matter Neuroscience Secures $26M in Funding to Cure Unhappiness

PRNewswire/ — Matter Neuroscience, the company working to unlock a deeper understanding of happiness and well-being by providing people with personalized…

Sorella Raises €5M to Establish Its Hybrid Women’s Health Care Model in France

Sorella Founding Team. Image: Sorella Sorella, a French startup focused on improving women’s health, has secured €5M in seed funding just one year after opening its first health clinic. The investment round was led by blisce/, with Vorwerk…

In Oregon, psilocybin treatment is an experiment in real time

In Oregon, some are seeking out psilocybin for relief from mental health issues. But tracking the effects of that treatment is very much a work in progress.

Planet Fitness Pilots New Models, Enters Spain

Planet Fitness is hedging its bets.

Sweanty’s wearable patch for athletes tracks salt loss to help them hydrate | TechCrunch

Wearables are coming in an increasing array of shapes, form factors and guises these days as health and fitness tracking proliferates. Here at 4YFN at the

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