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Week of Sept 13th 2023

Secrets to longevity can be taught, and “conservative cities have been better” at adopting themSalon, September 8, 2023 
Dan Buettner speaks to Salon about the many lessons learned from Blue Zones, and how, with his new Netflix docuseries, he wanted to avoid “the pop-y quick fix, the hyperbole that most longevity or anti-aging is surrounded with.” He offers wide-ranging insights, from how the more you connect people socially, the more social problems go away, to his surprising experience that it’s the more conservative states and cities (where the public and private sector work better together) that have been able to act on Blue Zones policies.  

In the zoneFitt Insider, August 29, 2023 
With Blue Zones in the news, this issue explores how, in a sea of longevity products, we need to heed Buettner’s research and embrace that living longer is a function of where we live, and how places that make “healthy” the default choice produce the centenarians. It looks at how developers are building homes and entire cities with longevity in mind–from new Blue Zone communities underway to the new Alafia development in New York City: a big, affordable housing project steeped in Blue Zones principles. 

The longevity secrets of Singapore, the new (and 6th) blue zone where people live the longest, happiest lives–Fortune, August 29, 2023 
This article dissects the wellness culture that has made Singapore the brand-new Blue Zone, where life expectancy has surged by 20 years since 1960!  It’s all about major policy and infrastructure moves that keep Singaporeans socially and intergenerationally connected, moving naturally, eating health food, and that bring medicine out into the community.  

Longevity enthusiasts want to create their own independent state. They’re eyeing Rhode IslandMIT Technology Review, May 31, 2023 
Zuzalu, a pop-up city in Montenegro has provided a temporary home for people who plan to set up a new jurisdiction to encourage biohacking, fast-track drugs that reverse aging, and give them free rein to experiment with solutions that are not yet approved. They’re looking for a place that has (or can establish) a biotech hub and has a small population, and they’re talking Rhode Island and Costa Rica.  

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