77. Professor Gerry Bodeker and Dr. Bibi Lockhat — TAIM, Where the Body’s Wisdom & the Sacred Text Meet

Did you know that when we talk about holistic health systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we’re only scratching the surface? There’s another ancient, yet vastly under-recognized health system in the Western world, a wellness tradition that deserves its moment in the spotlight: Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM). This system of healing, stretching back over a millennium, was first introduced to Europe in the 12th century when Arab works were translated into Latin. These texts guided European medical schools for centuries—right up until the Renaissance.

Today, we’re honored to delve deep into the subject with two of the world’s foremost TAIM experts. Our first guest, Oxford University Professor Gerry Bodeker, is an authority on TAIM and author of ten seminal books, including “Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World.” When people think of wellness traditions, they often overlook Africa and the Middle East. Yet, these regions have refined advanced food-as-medicine and anti-aging systems for over a thousand years. Professor Bodeker’s work aims to correct that oversight, highlighting the profound wisdom and techniques these traditions offer.

Not only did Professor Bodeker consult on the wellness programs at Zulal Wellness Resort, but this resort is also the location of the pre- and post-trips organized exclusively for delegates attending the 17th annual Global Wellness Summit taking place in Qatar from Nov 6-9, 2023.

Our second guest, Dr. Bibi Lockhat, holds a dual degree in Complementary Health Science and Medicine and is a TAIM specialist at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar. Dr. Lockhat helps introduce modern day applications of these ancient traditions to today’s wellness travelers. From the fine art of herbal remedies to aromatherapy and the hands-on techniques of Hijama and Tadleek massage, her expertise offers a panoramic view of the TAIM tradition that has much to offer in our modern quest for wellbeing.

Tune in, and let’s venture together into this ancient world that feels as fresh and pertinent today as it ever has. To learn more, visit Zulal Wellness Resort’s site at Zulal.com.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by NOVA Media  

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