Freddie Moross: Wellness Music at the Intersection of Art, Science & Culture

Music is in our DNA, an integral part of human cultures for millennia. Experts have defined music as “sound that conveys emotion” and it has often been described as the “soundtrack to our lives.” Our guest today, Freddie Moross, the CEO of Myndstream wellness music, invites us to consider the kind of music that lives at the intersection of art, science, and culture.

First identified as a wellness trend by the Global Wellness Summit in 2020, wellness music has been embraced by streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora. In this episode, Freddie tells the story of Chuck Wild, one of Myndstream’s artists who is the number one sleep music artist in the world, with as many streaming downloads as Cardi B or Adele.

Freddie also explains what an amazing tool music is for neurodiverse communities. He shares unforgettable examples of its very positive role in the lives of people living with issues from children and adults with autism to seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Underscoring yet another Global Wellness Summit Trend – 2021’s “Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry Jump Into Wellness” –Myndstream’s parent company, the Cutting Edge Group, produces music for moments and is responsible for the soundtracks of hits like Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Severance, King’s Speech and more.

This episode begins with our host, Kim Marshall, interviewing Freddie the morning after he was surprised to win the Global Wellness Summit’s Debra Simon Award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness at GWS Tel Aviv. Freddie was credited with approaching music as a tool for healing, a bridge to help people feel included and respected.

Kim and Freddie go on to discuss the power of sound to affect outcomes in a spa treatment setting. He explains how music intersects science and creativity at Myndstream by providing their roster of artists with the latest research on how certain frequencies, tonalities, and tempos can have a direct effect on relaxation and mood enhancement.,/p>

The episode ends with a special visit from two of Myndstream’s artists, Charles Copley and Skooby Laposky, who make up the duo Palm Reading. Charlie and Skooby use a process called biosonification, which involves capturing the electrical signals that plants emit. Playing along on guitar while composing, the musicians become accompanists or interpreters of the music that’s coming directly from the plant. Their work is a unique and amazing way to use the bioelectrical data of plants to capture a sense of place and even the history of an area.

Myndstream and Palm Reading tell the story of traveling to the Holy Lands in 2022 and spending a day capturing the sounds of the flora and fauna of the region, comparing sounds from plants like the iconic Christ thorn tree and the Zatar plant on different sides of the borders of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. The music then debuted at GWS Tel Aviv.

Moross’ message underscores the power of music to bring people together. He believes that not only is music a universal language that can transcend cultural boundaries, but it is also a powerful tool for mental wellness that is just beginning to be explored.

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Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Nova Media

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