70. Jonathan Leary: Social Wellness & the Future of Mind/Body Fitness

Just because it’s called self-care doesn’t mean it has to be done alone. We’re joined by Dr. Jonathan Leary, the visionary founder and CEO of Remedy Place — known as the world’s first social wellness club. Designed to be the antithesis of a clinical environment, Remedy Place offers a luxurious space for healing, relaxation, and genuine human connection. Host Kim Marshall sits down with Dr. Leary at the club’s Hollywood location on Sunset Blvd to explore the philosophy behind this next generation fitness club and learn more about Dr. Leary’s journey to revolutionize how we approach our health and wellbeing.

Epitomizing the top trend from the Global Wellness Summit’s The Future of Wellness 2023 trends report, “Wellness + Gathering: Wellness Comes for the Loneliness Epidemic,”  Remedy Place offers an extensive range of services, from hyperbaric chambers and infrared saunas to sound bowl meditation classes and toxin-free happy hours. Each element is thoughtfully designed to promote healing, relaxation, and a sense of belonging among its members. Dr. Leary emphasizes the importance of empathy, human connection, and a stress-free environment to maximize healing and overall wellbeing.

Society has conditioned us to turn to alcohol for socializing, but Dr. Leary challenges that notion by providing a platform for healthy socialization at Remedy Place. He shares his journey to becoming a chiropractor and how he taught patients that whatever they eat either fuels or fights disease, and that it was much more important to be flexible and pain free than having rock hard abs. He goes even deeper, discussing the body’s often-overlooked network of fascia and its crucial role in flexibility and movement. 

Dr. Leary’s path to founding Remedy Place began with a dream and listening to his powerful patients that soon became mentors. He explains the sharp learning curve he traveled, especially opening his first location a few months before the COVID lockdown. He stresses the significance of having a strong business plan, branding, and a passionate team that shares the company’s mission.

Dr. Leary’s inspiring story and innovative approach to wellness remind us that part of prioritizing our own wellbeing is to make time to nurture authentic connections with others. Leading by example, Remedy Place is reshaping how we think about wellness and socialization. Join us as we delve into the world of social wellness clubs—whether you are curious about affordable self-care alternatives or wondering how to incorporate more socialization into your own wellness business. Come gather with us and explore! 

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Hosted by Kim Marshall.

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