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Global Wellness News™ | December 28th, 2023

What if Dance Could Save the World?

Over the past year, dance has shown its broader worth, from stage to film, #balletcore to music videos, TikTok tutorials to movement classes.

Employers Are Offering a New Worker Benefit: Wellness Chatbots

The apps use artificial intelligence to hold therapist-like conversations or make diagnoses.

Travelers Want Trips To Transform Their Health-The Tourism Industry Is Listening

From elective MRIs to week-long walks, we predict that the travel industry is about to be more health-focused than ever before.

Ultra-luxury Aman Resorts launches a more affordable brand called Janu. Here’s what it costs

Few names exude “quiet luxury” like the ultra-luxe Aman Resorts.
Read the article on CNBC >

Everlab Lands A$3M for “Hyper-Personalised” Healthcare Service

Longevity’s allure fuels AI-powered diagnostics.

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