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Global Wellness News™ | November 29th, 2022

Here’s What to Expect in the World of Wellness in 2023

As we enter the final quarter of 2022, the effects of the pandemic still linger nearly three years later. And for many, COVID-19 drastically changed how we view our wellness regimens, not to mention, the collective feeling that in times of uncertainty — whether of health, career, or home — it’s up to us to take the lead in establishing self-care routines that boost our head-to-toe well-being.
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Brain care is a rising wellness category

There’s a new wellness trend in town. Self-care gained new meaning in 2020, when many people were stuck at home, some in solitude. Even after emerging from lockdown, many have retained their new outlooks and understanding on issues like work-life balance.

Spanish startup Cobee secures €40 million for its staff wellbeing platform and looks to expand in new markets | EU-Startups

Madrid-based Cobee is tasked with a mission to revolutionize the employee benefits sector. The startup has just secured €40 million in new capital to further develop the product in existing and new markets, making employee benefits and wellbeing a standard for modern businesses.

The growing menopause-at-work market

Menopause – a condition that’s little discussed and poorly understood – is gaining more attention from employers rethinking the health benefits they offer women. Why it matters: Support for workers experiencing telltale symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue and mood swings is becoming more essential after the pandemic and its economic shockwaves led a disproportionate number of women to exit the workforce.

Therme Group plans US$200m urban wellbeing resort in South Korea | spabusiness.com news

Thermal wellbeing organisation and developer Therme Group has partnered with the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) to create a year-round wellbeing destination in the South Korean city of Incheon. Therme has announced that it’s working with the mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City Yoo Jeong-bok and IFEZ commissioner Kim Jin-yong to build a wellbeing resort that can welcome upwards of one million people per year.

Amazon Can’t Get Peloton Back in the Black

Even the Everything Store can only do so much. When it comes to Peloton, Amazon can definitely be of some help. The e-commerce giant started selling Peloton’s basic stationary bike in late August, one month before the end of the equipment company’s fiscal first quarter.

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