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Global Wellness News™ | April 28th, 2022

New Media Business Woo Aims to Redefine Wellness for Gen Z

When you hear the word wellness, what might spring to mind is a serene woman wearing yoga pants, sipping a green juice and buying a vagina-scented candle. It’s an aspirational image created by the likes of Goop, the lifestyle and wellness empire founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow-and one that may alienate anyone who doesn’t fit into this trope.

Fiture has a new fitness mirror to compete with Mirror

When Mirror debuted its fitness mirror in 2018, it was a unique, space-efficient take on at-home fitness. Since then, several competitors including NordicTrack and Echelon have launched their own versions. Today, another challenger has appeared in the form of the Fiture – a $1,495 interactive connected mirror that offers real-time form feedback, gestures, voice control, and the ability to build custom workouts.

Hotels With Net-Zero Ambitions

It’s not easy for sustainability-minded travelers to find truly green accommodations, but these new hotels – one of which claims to be the first net-zero carbon emissions hotel in the country – are aiming high. Many global travelers, it appears, want to tour more sustainably.

The Recent Resurgence of Dance-Based Fitness Is as Much About Catharsis as Cardio

“F ind a partner! We’re doing the mirror exercise. This is your chance to get somebody else to do something weird.” Dressed in a leopard-print crop top and a high-cut-briefs-and-tights combo hijacked from the ’80s, the actor and choreographer Angela Trimbur is guiding us through her sold-out Sunday dance class in midtown Manhattan.

Wisq raises $20 million to help work at home employees

Wisq, maker of a new employer-facing social platform, booked $20 million in Series A funding, CEO Jim Barnett tells Axios exclusively. Why it matters: The pandemic-driven boom in telemental health funding has opened up a space for a parallel arena focused on overall wellness to blossom.

German healthtech startup Wellster launches its first fully integrated women’s health platform to close medical care gaps | EU-Startups

Founded in Munch in 2018, Wellster is a healthtech startup with the vision to provide more people with easy access to effective medical treatments for everyday health issues. Now, they have launched a dedicated platform for women’s healthy – taking on one of the greatest medical care gaps.

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