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Global Wellness News™ | June 29th, 2023

Goodbye, Ozempic

A new class of drugs is transforming obesity care. They are not all the same.

Magic Mushrooms. LSD. Ketamine. The Drugs That Power Silicon Valley.

Entrepreneurs including Elon Musk and Sergey Brin are part of a psychedelic movement that proponents hope will expand minds, enhance lives and produce business breakthroughs.

Everytable Adds $25M to Scale Food-as-Medicine Restaurants

Everytable, a multi-channel food company focused on equitable access to food as medicine, closed $25M in a Series C-2 round.

Oura jumps into glucose with CGM support – Wareable

The company has announced integrations with January, Supersapiens, and Veri – all of which use continuous glucose monitors (CGM) to track your body’s response to certain food.

SCAPE, the Mexican wellness platform, receives $1.3 million

Thanks to this funding round, the startup will be able to expand to Chile and the Dominican Republic, while also growing its operations in Colombia.

Child Gut Health Startup Alba Health Secures $2 Million In Pre-Seed Funding

Alba Health is a Danish-Swedish start-up dedicated to providing digital gut health support for children.

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