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Global Wellness News™ | November 3rd, 2022

Spending on wellness linked to happiness and greater longevity says new GWI report | spabusiness.com news

For every US$800 (€806, £694) annual increase in people’s wellness expenditures, happiness levels rise by 7 per cent and life expectancy goes up by 1.26 years, according to a study released today (1 November) by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI).

BBC StoryWorks launches “In Pursuit of Wellness: The Art and Science of Living Well” at GWS

The new series produced for the GWI by BBC StoryWorks explores a more inclusive and evidence-backed wellness movement and how real wellness can impact real people. It asks what true wellness is and takes you on a journey around the world to discover a range of ancient traditions and modern innovations and the science underpinning them.  
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Six Senses outlines major expansion plans

CEO Neil Jacobs discussed what’s ahead for the wellness resort pioneer: The brand foresees 50 Six Senses resorts (nearly double their current portfolio) within five years–with London and Rome up next and Shanghai and Bangkok also ahead. They expect 15  urban membership clubs (Six Senses Place) within five years and 30 in the next decade. Their new Rosebar concept, a medical-wellness longevity club and clinic, will first open at their Ibiza resort.
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Timeshifter launches My Circadian Day™

The leading circadian technology platform unveiled My Circadian Day, giving people a personalized daily plan to manage their life based on their unique circadian biology. It will give brilliantly simple advice on when you should prioritize and avoid light, what types of food to eat and when, when to exercise and at what intensity level, and when you can use caffeine and when to avoid it. It launches for guests at Six Senses global resorts this year and comes to the world in 2023.
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Blue Zones Center announces its first flagship wellbeing and medical facility in Miami at GWS

he 220,000 square foot Blue Zones Center ushers in a new era of 21st century longevity medicine, inspired by Blue Zones’ research identifying the lifestyle habits of the world’s healthiest, longest-lived people
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Next XPRIZE to focus on anti-aging innovations

Peter Diamandis, MD, founder of the XPRIZE and chairman of the board at Fountain Life, the company that aims to create a newly preventative healthcare model, said that the next XPRIZE competition will award $100 million for innovations that can reverse aging and increase longevity. They will seek innovations in four categories: the immune system, skin, cognition and muscle health. It’s expected in the first half of 2023.
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First-ever study of leadership across the global wellness economy
As announced at the 2022 Global Wellness Summit, Wisdom Works Group is conducting the first ever study of leadership across the $4.4 trillion global wellness economy and adjacent industries, such as healthcare, pharma, and human potential & development.  The study explores: As leaders of industries that promote wellbeing, are we thriving personally? Are we advancing thriving through how we lead?
Participate in the study here through December 16, 2022. 

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