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Global Wellness News™ | September 8th, 2022

From shamanism to stem-cell spa treatments, these are the 10 latest wellness trends to know about

Sure, it’s cold outside in Iceland, but bubbling below the surface, geothermal energy is turning up the heat on wild-water dips in the land of fire and ice. Since the 12th century, Icelanders have soaked in silica-rich pools and hidden hot springs.

How the pandemic prompted a dance fitness revolution

A bubbly ball of energy in a crop top, ’80s-style hot pants and platinum mullet, Emilia Richeson-Valiente shakes her hips to the B-52’s’ “Private Idaho” inside a studio space at Live Arts Los Angeles in Glassell Park. Behind her, people follow her moves in joyously chaotic ways – some burst into air guitar solos, while others let out the occasional primal scream.


PRNewswire/ – True Food Kitchen, the award-winning restaurant brand that has pioneered wellness-driven dining, announced a significant round of capital investment led by two new investors, HumanCo and Manna Tree, supported by existing investor Centerbridge Partners.

South Korea’s Temple Stays Business Poised for Wellness-Inspired Boom

The continuing return to travel normalcy is generating all kinds of new ideas for ways to satisfy clients. One popular activity in South Korea, temple stays, is proving to be an organic solution to sustainable, post-pandemic tourism.

Arnhem-based Enliven raises €1 million to build a more compassionate society through XR empathy-training | EU-Startups

Enliven, a Dutch startup founded with a vision of creating a more understanding society, has raised €1 million to expand its reach. The company is using cutting-edge tech to make an impact on society through promoting empathy training in domestic and workplace settings. Every day, we are bombarded with news that the world is in crisis.

Apple’s Fitness Plus soon won’t require an Apple Watch for signups

Apple announced on Wednesday that iPhone users will be able to subscribe to its premium Fitness Plus workout subscription service even if they don’t have an Apple Watch. Previously, you couldn’t join the service without owning one of Apple’s smartwatches, which made signing up an expensive proposition.

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