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Global Wellness News™ | April 18th, 2023

U.S. grows as a hot springs destination

Water-based wellness is a hot trend these days. And operators of geothermal and mineral springs facilities and resorts in the U.S. are ramping up their offerings, letting enthusiasts know they don’t need to head overseas to get in a healthy soak.

Digital Mental Health Company Spring Health Raises $71M, Hits $2.5B Valuation

Digital behavioral health benefits company Spring Health has raised $71 million in a new funding round. This brings the unicorn’s valuation to a whopping $2.5 billion. New York-based Spring Health is a B2B behavioral health organization that teams up with employers and health plans to offer digital support, meditation exercises, coaching, therapy and medication.

Gen Zs don’t have a lot of money, but they’re traveling anyway

Gen Zs aren’t easing into the travel market — they are exploding into it.
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Hydration brand Cure now valued at $22M as it mixes new funding into its growth plans

The functional beverage market is indeed “exploding:” Cure has 60% penetration in e-commerce and outpaced first-quarter 2022 growth by 121%.

F45 Training Enlists Mark Wahlberg Amid Turnaround

F45 Training is rebuilding its reputation after a tumultuous period of financial challenges and leadership changes. Leading the way. The first step, actor Mark Wahlberg was named F45’s chief brand officer. Making another key addition, the HIIT studio franchise announced GNC vet Tom Dowd as its new CEO.

Canadian DTC Telehealth Startup Felix Adds $10M in Series A Funding to Expand its Care Offering

Felix, a Canadian digital health startup has raised $10M in Series A funding led by Whitecap Venture Partners. Other participants in the round include Mantella Venture Partners, BrandProject and US based H Ventures. Founded in January 2019, Felix is a DTC end-to-end digital healthcare platform providing telehealth and prescription delivery, best known for providing online access to birth control and erectile dysfunction treatments.

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