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Global Wellness News™ | April 21st, 2022

“Wellness” Is 2022’s Hottest Interior Design Trend

Lo Bosworth, founder of the beauty brand Love Wellness, technically has a home office in her New York City apartment. But, more often than not, she found herself working from her kitchen table, preferring the airier space over the closed-off room whose classification was rooted more in realtor-speak than reality.

Lululemon will debut monthly memberships for clothes, events and classes in a bid for loyal customers

Lululemon is launching a membership program – and it’s about more than workout clothes. The athletic apparel retailer will debut two tiers of memberships, one free and one paid, in a bid to build a stronger base of loyal customers. The offerings come with exclusive access to items, events and fitness classes.

China’s Fitness Services Industry: How Policies Boost Growth Potential

Investors should pay close attention to China’s fitness services industry as multiple state policies aim to promote healthier lifestyles and develop sports infrastructure and capabilities in the country – across demographic categories. China successfully hosted the Olympic Winter Games in February 2022, despite the myriad health and logistical challenges posed by COVID-19.

How Indoor Air Quality Became the New Wellness Fixation

Ozone, too, can have an adverse effect on our health. Up high in the atmosphere, it plays an important role in protecting us from ultraviolet radiation. But at ground level, especially indoors, it can react with various chemicals. The result, sometimes, can be temporary paralysis of the cilia that help expel phlegm from your throat.

Connected strength-training startup Vitruvian eyes US with $15M raise

It’s been a wild few years for the home fitness industry. Few consumer technologies were better positioned to ride the pandemic to new heights. There’s been some leveling off of late, of course. Perth-based startup Vitruvian has made a name for itself in the Australian market.

Don’t Want to Talk to Your Therapist About Sex? Now, There Are Apps for That

Nope, it’s not just you – many women are hesitant to talk about their sex lives with their therapists. And while no one’s saying you have to disclose everything that goes on in your bedroom, your sexual and mental health are more intertwined than you might realize.

Explained: The importance of traditional medicine in global wellness

New Delhi, Apr 17: The foundation stone of the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine will be laid on April 19. This Centre will add strength to the efforts of using traditional forms of medicine to further global wellness.

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