Patrick McKeown

Author & Breathing Instructor, Oxygen Advantage

Patrick McKeown is an international breathing expert and author based in Galway, Ireland. Since 2002, he has worked with thousands of clients, including elite military special forces (SWAT) Olympic coaches and athletes.

Atomic Focus (2021), Patrick’s latest book addresses sleep quality,  physiology and awareness to achieve flow state, to focus and to hold attention, to the exclusion of distractions, for a sustained period of time.

The Breathing Cure (2021) is a deep dive into the science of breathing. It explores functional breathing for a wide range of health conditions, and breathing exercises suitable for adults, children and teens. These unique exercises improve quality of life with better sleep, health and performance. Patrick’s 2015 book, The Oxygen Advantage is available in fourteen languages and retains high review ratings on Amazon.

Oxygen Advantage® is a leading authority in breath work. There are currently more than 700 trained instructors across 50 countries.

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