GWS Podcast Episode 26 An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: COVID-19 & The Wellness Moonshot – with Sarah Smith from Prevention

Back in January, some of the most forward-thinking minds in the wellness industry got together for the release of the Global Wellness Trends Report: The Future of Wellness 2020. We had the opportunity to record some incredible conversations, and we started sharing those conversations in March 2020.

Then the state of the world changed, so we pivoted: the Global Wellness Summit started focusing on helping the wellness industry get through the health crisis and, with help from our host Kim Marshall, supporting our community’s needs in the moment through Instagram live streams.

But we still had seven conversations with some of the top thought leaders in the wellness space, and we really wanted to share their insight with the world. So we called them up to learn what’s changed in a post-COVID world, allowing us to share twice as much wellness wisdom in each episode.

We’re starting with Sarah Smith, Content Director for Prevention, a magazine that’s celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2020 and is more relevant now than ever. In a world in the throes of a global health crisis and where the words “fake news” are floated around a bit too much, Prevention works hard to be a source for trustworthy health info. They’ve been doing incredible work covering COVID-19 over the last few months, with quality and reliability at the forefront.

Prevention was also the first organization to partner with the Global Wellness Institute on the Wellness Moonshot: a world free of preventable disease. This goal is also more relevant now than ever, and we really appreciate everything Prevention does to support GWI and further this goal. 

If you want to join Kim and Sarah in being part of the Wellness Moonshot, learn about how you can get involved here.

To learn more, read Prevention at


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