Global Wellness Summit Podcast Launches
New, Six-Episode Season

The new season of the only podcast devoted to the most meaningful, evidence-based trends and developments in wellness features NY Times best-selling authors, medical experts, company founders and industry analysts

In order from left to right: Host Kim Marshall, S’Well Public Relations, James Nestor, Author of New York Times Best Seller, Breath,
Jennifer Kessler, luxury travel expert at Forbes Travel Guide, and Elaine Glusac, New York Times Frugal Travel columnist

Miami, FL – June 30, 2021 — The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leaders in the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy, today launched a new season of its podcast. Each of the six information-packed episodes features experts on the new directions in wellness—with this season exploring how travel is getting a “wellness reset” in 2021, the future of immune health, a financial wellness movement toppling the taboos around money, the surge for the mind-body medicine that is breathwork, a new era of conscious leaders, and more.

This is the only podcast dedicated to exploring the latest industry research and the real-world impact of evidence-backed wellness trends. Most episodes go deeper on trends featured in the Global Wellness Summit’s “Future of Wellness 2021” report, and each podcast interviews multiple experts on a wellness “hot topic.”

Host Kim Marshall, wellness industry veteran and co-founder of S’Well Public Relations, keeps the conversations lively and down-to-earth, and her guests this season range from James Nestor, author of the recent New York Times best seller Breath, the New Science of a Lost Art to the founders of Esalen Massage on how the iconic retreat changed the concept of wellness.

This season’s sponsor is Murad, the first clinical and wellness-forward skin-care brand.

New episodes will be posted each Wednesday for the next six weeks in this order:

Financial Wellness—Cecelia Girr and Skyler Hubler of Backslash, the cultural intelligence unit of global advertising powerhouse TBWA Worldwide, discuss how that once most taboo of topics, and complex of industries, money and finance, is being reimagined by a financial wellness movement. We also talk to the founder of the first “money fitness” app, ZAVFIT, which marries health-tech and fintech. Wait until you hear about what it means to “budget for joy”!

The 2021 Travel Reset—Elaine Glusac, New York Times Frugal Travel columnist, discusses the trends that will define travel this year: from destinations fighting overtourism to the rise of regenerative travel, where you leave a place better than you found it. We also speak to Jennifer Kessler, luxury travel expert at Forbes Travel Guide, on new ways that sustainability, slow travel, and “nature prescriptions” are being woven into luxury experiences.

The Future of Immune Health—Dr. Ken Pelletier, professor of medicine at UCSF, tackles why we should stop all the “immune-boosting” and instead focus on balancing the immune system—sharing tips on how you can make lifestyle changes that impact your microbiome and your gene’s telomeres. And with research showing that “positive stress” experiences impact immunity and health, we also talk to the owners of two major hot springs destinations to explore how hot-cold bathing is a therapy on the rise.

Living Well from Within—Find out how a diagnosis of brain cancer empowered integrative medicine and leadership expert Dr. Daniel Friedland to reach deep and create a model of resiliency for the planet (all brought to life on a YouTube channel chronicling his cancer journey). We also explore how his open-hearted optimism and mantra of “live a loving life” was the inspiration behind the Global Wellness Institute’s latest Initiative on Conscious Leadership and Conscious Capitalism.

Just Breathe—James Nestor, interviewed everywhere from NPR to CBS Sunday Morning on his powerful book Breath, explains the extraordinary ways that the lost art of breathing impacts human health and is now leading to a breathwork revolution. He shares eye-opening findings from his four years of global research on how simple changes in how we inhale and exhale can change our brains and bodies.

Human Potential 2.0Find out what the famed Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, home of the “human potential movement” for nearly 60 years (and Gestalt Therapy, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and “Hot Tub Diplomacy”), is up to post-pandemic. Vogue dubbed the retreat center the “Emerald City of Massage,” and we speak to two of the original massage therapists, still going strong after treating the likes of Ravi Shankar, Joan Baez, Hunter S. Thompson, Aldous Huxley, Bruce Springsteen and Bonnie Raitt in the Sixties.

Murad Skincare’s innovative sponsorship for this season includes conversations with three dynamic medical and social influencers who are also guest editors of Murad’s new wellness publication, Well Connected: Dr. Zion Ko (@drzionko); the Optimism Doc, Dr. Deepika Chopra (@drdeepikachopra); and intersectional feminist and self-love advocate Candace Reels (@candacereels).

S’Well PR produces the Global Wellness Summit Podcast with Crate Media, a full-service podcast agency serving podcasts from across the industry.

The GWS Podcast (today at 42 episodes) is free to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are available.