Miskawaan Health Group in partnership with the Global Wellness Summit recently presented

The Future of Functional Medicine Symposium

This event was held Friday, May 20, 2022

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This first-of-its-kind event in Asia brought together leading global medical experts and scientists to share the latest insights, research and trends in the rising field of functional medicine–a preventative, healthcare-meets-wellness approach that focuses on addressing the root cause of disease. Watch a preview below, or click here to gain access to all speaker videos and presentations.

In recent decades, medical science has made tremendous progress to improve and save lives. However, the evolved system of “guideline” medicine and treatments generally available to everyone aren’t necessarily appropriate for everyone. Positive individual health outcomes are not always being achieved. By bringing together members of the functional medicine community, policymakers and wellness business leaders, the event focused how to apply Functional Medicine along with the best of modern medicine to individualize prevention and treatment approaches to drastically improve health outcomes.

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Symposium Agenda

The robust agenda included more than 25 doctors, researchers and wellness experts presenting on what’s ahead for functional medicine–with topics ranging from new integrative approaches in cancer care to how functional approaches are rethinking fertility to preventative cardiology and more.



The symposium is a not-for-profit event: any excess revenue will be donated to Childline Thailand Foundation. We are grateful for the following sponsors of this Symposium: