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Aging Rebranded: Positively Cool

The New Emerging 50+: Unpacking the Most Powerful, Discerning Consumer in HistoryGlobal Wellness Summit Keynote
At the October 2019 GWS, David Harry Stewart, CEO of Ageist, explained how the 50+ are themost discerning, moneyed consumer segment the world has ever known, and how this tribe is global and mobile and their numbers and power are rapidly growing. For companies that get them, they’re the biggest business opportunity of our time.

Are Baby Boomers the Next Kardashians?Forbes
Why we need to re-think everything about baby boomers: from the fact that they spend more time online than millennials to how they control the majority of disposable income. Details how boomers are the new influencers, and they’re not just promoting “old people” brands. They’re collaborating with the likes of Chanel and H&M.

Don’t Underestimate the Market Power of the 50+ CrowdHarvard Business Review
Explores the ageism that has plagued marketers and the profound disconnect between the over-50’s spending power and the pathetic amount of marketing budgets (5–10 percent) devoted to winning them over. How marketers have gotten the messages all wrong: blitzing them with ads about their health decline, when they want info on great, hip hotels in Rome or nearby wellness retreats.

‘This Is What 70 Looks Like’: The New Generation of Beauty Influencers Guardian Fed up with ageism in the industry, the most exciting new voices in beauty blogging are over 60.

Older People Are Ignored and Distorted in Ageist Marketing, Report Finds New York Times
Recent research from the AARP exposed how older people are shunned and caricatured in marketing images, perpetuating unrealistic stereotypes and contributing to age discrimination.

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