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Mental Wellness and Technology: Rethinking the Relationship

Online therapy could transform mental healthcare Healthline
Access to affordable, flexible mental health care is a major battle, and the wave of online therapy platforms, studies show, can be a very promising, effective alternative. And as mental struggles can be such an isolating experience, the new teletherapy can prove priceless.

The best therapy and mental health appsShape
Looks at a number of apps that connect you to mental help and support, and how they differ, including LARKR, Talkspace, Basis, 7Cups, BetterHelp and Pacifica.

Teletherapy is on the rise as employees try to cope with the ‘24/7 workday’CNBC
A growing number of workers are turning to online mental health counseling to deal with work-induced stress and burnout, a result of being connected to work 24/7. And more employers are starting to cover services.

Online therapy is in high demand as coronavirus anxiety drives people to get help without leaving their homesBusiness Insider
With stress over coronavirus reaching “epic proportions,” more people, from the sterility of their own homes, are seeking virtual therapy services to cope. Talks to online therapists and virtual therapy companies about the new demand.

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