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Global Wellness News™ | March 29th, 2022

Wall Street Bets on Gym Chains’ Getting Back in Shape

Gym chains are back in favor on Wall Street for the same reason Peloton Interactive Inc . is on the outs: Americans are tired of working out at home. Budget operator Planet Fitness Inc . and its franchises attracted hundreds of millions of dollars from private fund managers in recent months, according to people familiar with the deals.

Oura sells its millionth ring

We love big, round numbers here in hardware land. Hitting one million of anything is an impressive feat, let alone one million $399 smart rings. It’s too soon to suggest that Oura has permanently transformed the wearables space, but in a time when things have calcified around the smartwatch form fa…

Health, wellness products drive outsized sales growth as organic outpaces conventional

Health and wellness positioned products may account for only a small portion of the food and beverage industry’s overall dollar share, but they are disproportionately driving dollar growth alongside organic, which often outpaced its conventional counterparts year-over-year in 2021 across categories, according to SPINS data.

There’s A Life Coach For Everything These Days

“I need someone to walk me through all of these layers of choices and complexity,” I thought. “Maybe what I need is a coach?” I never ended up hiring one, but over the previous year, I had been growing more curious about the profession as I noticed acquaintances posting about their new coaching ventures.

In-person gyms to make a comeback as only 15% of US exercisers feel digital platforms have eliminated the need for gyms

In-person gyms to make a comeback as only 15% of US exercisers feel digital platforms have eliminated the need for gyms Tweet this Rebecca Watters, Associate Director, Household & Health, said: “The role of gyms in consumers’ lives is so much larger than physical exercise.

Will Smith’s Dreamers VC Invest In $4M Funding Round For Wellness Startup Better & Better – AfroTech

Better & Better’s new capital will go toward its goal of disrupting the wellness industry – since its launch in 2020 – with more vitamin-infused wellness products. It will also aid in the company’s retail expansion and help in executing an aggressive growth strategy.

Google tests catching heart, eye issues from smartphone sensors

OAKLAND, Calif., March 24 (Reuters) – Google announced on Thursday its latest plans for using smartphones to monitor health, saying it would test whether capturing heart sounds and eyeball images could help people identify issues from home.

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