Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We hope this finds you and your families safe and well at an unusual time in the world. So many in the wellness industry are busier than ever, as together we face new challenges and opportunities.  And all of us at the Global Wellness Summit are gratified that people are turning to the GWS for the information and evidence we have always trumpeted: the importance of the immune system, the power of meditation and breathwork, the value of healthy eating and exercise, the significance of faith and spirituality, and a new focus on mental wellness.

The GWS believes there is a shift toward the hopeful reimagining of the world and that this is the moment when the wellness industry will have its largest impact yet on the world stage. Our collective vision is wellness for all people—regardless of race, gender identity or socio-economic status. And there cannot be wellness for all without wellness for the planet. It’s time.

We are calling this new movement: Resetting the World with Wellness.

Resetting the World with Wellness is a call to action, a vision for the future—and the theme of the 2020 Summit.  We invite you to be part of this mission to lead and unite the industry and share with the world the science and evidence that underscores the importance of wellness, prevention and resilience.

This is the time to work together, to strengthen our global community. There are seismic shifts happening in the world. We mourn the devastation the coronavirus pandemic has wrought and the racial injustice that has been brought to the fore. However, through this darkness, we see light and new opportunities for the wellness industry.

The best may yet be ahead. Be safe, be well, be kind, and be part of Resetting the World with Wellness.

With gratitude and hope,
Susie Ellis + Nancy Davis
Global Wellness Summit




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