New Report: Defining the Mental Wellness Economy

What lies ahead for your business in 2021?

Learn why mental wellness is your biggest opportunity + watch forecasts from the same wellness leaders seen by GWS delegates

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Experts agree. The lack of effective mental wellness programs is a public health crisis. However, mental wellness is also your biggest business and investment opportunity. Now you can access the first report to size and analyze the mental wellness economy and understand why including mental wellness in your planning for 2021 and beyond is crucial.

The Global Wellness Institute’s groundbreaking report, “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy,” focuses on the business of mental wellness—and explores the programs and products that are driving the mental wellness economy in four sub-sectors of this $121 billion global market.

  • Self-Improvement
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Brain-Boosting Nutraceuticals & Botanicals
  • Senses, Spaces & Sleep

Impact of the Global Mental Wellness Economy

This important study identifies and measures four submarkets of mental wellness. Each section contains information about innovators and businesses in the sector, along with significant trends.

Senses, Spaces & Sleep ($49.5 billion)
-Sleep Services & Napping
-Sensory Products & Services
-Sleep Monitors & Trackers
-Sleep & Sensory Apps
-Sensory Technology & Wearables
-Sensory Spaces

Brain-Boosting Nutraceuticals & Botanicals ($34.8 billion)
-Functional Foods & Beverage for Brain Health
-Supplements for Brain Health
-Natural Sleep Remedies
-Cannabis & Psychedelics – Drugs & Products, Clinics, Therapies & Retreats

Meditation & Mindfulness ($2.9 billion)
-Apps & Technology

Self-Improvement ($33.6 billion)
-Self-Help Gurus & Personalities
-Self-Help Organizations & Institutions
-Self-Help Coaching & Therapy Apps
-Brain Training
-Anti-Loneliness Apps & Technology

Global Wellness Economy Sectors

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