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Global Wellness News™ | June 13th, 2023

Femtech is set to be worth $1 trillion by 2027. But taboos are
holding it back

The “taboo” nature of women’s health and gender imbalances in investment are providing obstacles.
A $300 million investment into improving female health could generate around $13 billion for the global economy.
“If there was some more homework done by some of these investors, they’d understand why this is an area that is ripe for growth and investment.” Read the article on CNBC >

Why Is It So Hard for the Beauty Industry to Get Wellness Right?

When Lindsay Ullman, a former Sephora executive, launched the retailer’s wellness category around eight years ago with Gabriella Giron, another former Sephora executive, the industry mainly looked to Gwyneth Paltrow’s burgeoning Goop empire for inspiration.

Ready for a Nice, Soothing Bath? Just Head to the Backyard.

Cheaper than pools and more private than hot tubs, the bathtub is leaving the bathroom and has designs on your garden, or even your treehouse. Leah Chisolm-Allison, an autopsy technician, relaxes by adding a floral bath tea to her outdoor bathtub in the garden of her home in Tampa, Fla.

Personalized Nutrition Startup AHARA Launches with $10M+ in Funding

Personalized nutrition platform AHARA has announced its beta launch, bolstered by a $10.25M seed funding round led by Greycroft. Additional investors include Headline, SHAKTI, Dr. Samuel Jampolis, Co-founder Wainwright, and Sandy Sholl. AHARA, co-founded by physician nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis and tech entrepreneur Julie Wainwright, uses multiple data inputs to generate individualized nutrition recommendations.

Europe’s ‘crazy’ tourism summer has already started. And it’s going to get much worse | CNN

‘The craziness has already begun,” says one travel agent as the latest wave of post-Covid travel surges across Europe. That means rising hotel and transport prices and top destinations rammed with people – even before peak season.

Oova grabs another $10.3M, unveils membership model for at-home fertility testing

Oova’s new membership offering costs $99 and includes The Oova Kit, support from healthcare professionals and access to a community of peers.

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