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Global Wellness News™ | August 2nd, 2022

Wellness retail

Skip to main content Jul 27, 2022 Luxury retail departments are evolving into wellbeing destinations. Retail and beauty aisles are getting an upgrade as consumers are thinking less about “normal beauty” offerings and more about how store experiences and services make them feel.

SoulCycle dangles free classes to Peloton users who trade in their bikes

SoulCycle isn’t pulling any punches with its latest campaign that offers Peloton users free in-person classes… if they trade in their bikes. The move comes while Peloton is still dealing with excess inventory after misjudging post-quarantine demand.

Caraway collects $11M for college-aged women’s mental and reproductive health

A month after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, virtual reproductive and mental health startup Caraway raised $10.5 million in seed funding, CEO Lori Evans Bernstein tells Axios exclusively. Why it matters: The company launches at a time when women are facing devastating consequences from the reversal of Roe, including poorer mental health, reduced access to reproductive support and lower economic mobility.

‘Bend and Blaze’: High Yoga Classes Are All the Buzz These Days

NEW YORK-Soothing music wafted through the brick-walled studio. Legging-clad students rolled out their mats and a Monday evening yoga class got under way at “Bend & Blaze” in Brooklyn. True to the name, the routine yoga instructions of “inhale and exhale” took on a whole new meaning here.

Apple and Amazon bet on healthcare as Big Tech realm expands

Apple argues it has become a major force in health-related technologies while Amazon announces the $3.9bn purchase of One Medical as part of an industry-wide effort to enter the healthcare space. Big Tech seems to have targeted the healthcare sector, as two of its biggest players pledge their commitment to invest in the industry.

FTC sues to block Facebook owner Meta from buying VR fitness app maker

The Federal Trade Commission is suing to block Facebook owner Meta from buying Within Unlimited, a company that makes the virtual reality fitness app Supernatural, the agency announced on Wednesday. The FTC alleges that Meta is “trying to buy its way to the top” rather than compete on the merits in the VR-dedicated fitness app market, FTC Bureau of Competition Deputy Director John Newman said in a statement.

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