GWS Podcast Episode 24
Creating a Happy, Healthy, & Wealthy Future Where Everyone Can Live Beyond 100 with Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi from Smart Group

Bhupendra Kumar Modi — AKA Dr. M — is a global thought leader, a social entrepreneur, and the key architect of the Smart Group, a diversified business conglomerate trying to improve the worlds of mobility, finance, healthcare, entertainment, energy, and technology.

Dr. M is a true global citizen with an eye towards the future, emblematic of the ways conscious capitalism can improve not only individual lives but the world as a whole. And Dr. M has big plans for not just his future but your future and your children’s future and your children’s children’s future, too: creating a world where everyone can live a happy and healthy life beyond 100 years old.

In this conversation, Dr. Modi shares more about how he started his journey as a social entrepreneur, what life Beyond 100 might look like, and how his work relates to GWI’s ten wellness trends for 2020.


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