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What is included in the Summit’s Virtual Access Package?

  • Live, virtual access to all main stage keynotes, panels and interviews with world wellness experts taking place on the main stage, November 9-11 (See the agenda for sessions and times)
  • Access to video recordings of main stage sessions for watching “on demand” from wherever you are
  • Access to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2020 research report, the first on the mental wellness economy
  • Interactive, global “think tank” and networking sessions
  • Virtual access to the new Tech Innovation Pavilion

How do I register for the Virtual Access Package and how much does it cost?

You can register here. The cost is $500.

How do I join the live sessions?

The Global Wellness Summit is hosting a webinar using the Zoom webinar platform for the live sessions. Starting on Monday, November 9, Virtual access participants can view keynotes, panels and presentations taking place on the main stage via the ZOOM webinar.

On Sunday, November 8, registered participants will receive a proprietary email from Zoom with a link to their unique Virtual Access Package. They will also receive reminder emails approximately one hour before the in-person Summit begins on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (November 9-11).

The Summit is taking place in Palm Beach, Florida, which is in the US Eastern Standard Time zone. I do not live in that time zone – can I still benefit from virtual access?

The Virtual Access Package was created to give people around the world the ability to participate in the 2020 Summit.  It includes on-demand access every day to the keynotes, panels and special presentations taking place on the main stage at The Breakers. When the sessions end in Palm Beach, we will be editing and posting the videos for private access by registered participants. So, while we’re sleeping on the East Coast of the US, you can watch the Summit-on-demand in Mumbai. Wherever you are, you can be a part of this Summit.

Do I need to be online and in the Zoom meeting at all times? Can I leave the meeting and go back in?

You can join the Zoom webinar any time during the main stage sessions and go in and out of the conference at your leisure.

How will I be able to access the video recordings? Will they be accessible after the Summit?

At your convenience, you can view video recordings of the main stage sessions at a later time/date.  We will send you information about how to access the videos as they are available. The videos will be accessible on demand indefinitely.

How and when will I receive the Global Wellness Institute research report?

You will receive a copy of the new, proprietary Global Wellness Institute research report: Defining the Global Mental Wellness Economy after it is released at the Summit. We will be in touch on how to access the report.

What about the brainstorming sessions with Anna Bjurstam? How can I join those?

As part of your Virtual Access Package you are invited to participate in live brainstorming sessions with wellness leaders and take part in creating a road map for the future of the wellness industry.  Renowned creative thinker Anna Bjurstam will lead the virtual 90-minute Zoom sessions; she will send you a separate link to join the brainstorming sessions. Times for the calls are below:

  • US and Europe: 2 p.m. EST/8pm CET, November 9 & 10
  • Australia and Asia: 4 p.m. Singapore/7p.m. Sydney, November 10 & 11


I am a registered in-person delegate. Do I also get these benefits?

Yes, all Virtual Access Package benefits are included in your in-person registration. You will receive emails with more detailed information.

Will the Global Wellness Summit provide or publish any of the presentations?

The Global Wellness Summit will not share any Summit presentations with the general public. These presentations are exclusively for registered in-person delegates and Virtual Access participants who will have access to Summit videos, presentations and the Global Wellness Institute’s research.

Can I register when the Summit is already in full swing or after the Summit?

Yes, you can register during and after the Summit, since all of the keynotes and presentations, the new Global Wellness Institute research and more will be available. You will have access to video recordings of the keynotes and presentations, the research and more.

If you have any questions, please email Wendy Jackson at [email protected].




Many organizations have rescheduled their 2020 events; why is the GWS going ahead with an in-person conference this year?

The Global Wellness Summit is a profoundly global organization. Because we are in an unprecedented year of shifting travel restrictions, the GWS is committed to a truly worldwide conversation. Therefore, for the first time the GWS will be a hybrid-conference. Delegates will convene in person at The Breakers Palm Beach, and people who are not able to travel can attend through a Virtual Access Package. Virtual access brings expert insights–and that famed ‘spirit’ of the Summit–to the entire global wellness community.   Learn more about the 2020 Summit here.

This is a watershed moment for the wellness industry, and we believe the industry’s role is more crucial than ever before. We did not want to miss the opportunity to bring delegates together in person and also offer virtual access.

How do you envision convening a wellness conference at this time?

The Summit is being designed and curated within the framework of the times in which we are living. It is a hybrid event that combines a smaller, in-person conference (with comprehensive safety and health protocols) with virtual access.

GWS is working with experts in a number of fields to shape a completely new model for conference planning and execution in the time of COVID-19. With this year’s theme as a guidepost— ”Resetting the World with Wellness”—GWS will reimagine the event itself and make creative decisions, taking health and safety into account every step of the way. We intend to model “Resetting Events with Wellness.” To understand this unique approach to safety, visit this page.

How did you decide on hosting it in the US and, specifically, in Florida?

Given current realities and travel restrictions, the GWS made the decision to host this year’s Summit in the US so that the US-based team could easily manage in-person logistics.

Hosting it at The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida made sense because the property is a longtime GWS partner (having hosted the 2017 Summit), and their commitment to wellness for employees and guests is unparalleled. This gives us a further opportunity to create an event that is a showcase for a “well” event. The Breakers also exceeds all mandatory protocols for health and safety and will be working with the GWS team to ensure the most effective measures are employed.

What precautions are you taking to keep delegates safe while at The Breakers?

In keeping with the 2020 theme, “Resetting the World with Wellness,” this Summit will be a new model for the future of safe gatherings and events. Nothing is more important than our collective health.

You will find examples of the extraordinary measures the GWS is taking to mitigate risk here – including far-UVC technology to disinfect indoor environments, 15-minute COVID-19 testing and much more.

Moreover, to set standards for a safe conference, former US Surgeon General, Richard Carmona MD, is serving as Medical Advisor to the 2020 Summit. Dr. Carmona is working closely with the GWS and The Breakers teams to ensure the latest health and safety protocols are in place. Together with The Breakers, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of delegates, speakers and staff, as well as providing a glimpse of what safe travel might look like in the future.

The Breakers’ sprawling beachfront location enables appropriate physical distancing and generous use of outdoor space. They have exceeded all recommended CDC and World Health Organization guidelines and have implemented intensive safety and hygiene protocols for guests, including mandatory face coverings and social distancing. In addition, The Breakers has implemented touch-less transactions for every part of a guest’s stay and each guest receives a hygiene kit with hand sanitizer, facial tissues, disinfecting wipes and spray. To learn more about The Breakers current health and safety precautions, please click here.

What precautions is The Breakers taking to keep staff safe?

The Breakers has exceeded all recommended CDC and World Health Organization guidelines for team members. Educational/training programs have been implemented to help staff understand how to control the spread of airborne pathogens in the workplace, as well as proper cleaning and disinfecting practices.

Upon arrival at work, team members are screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms, including daily temperature checks. In addition, any employee that tests positive for COVID-19 is required to provide confirmation of negative testing before returning to work.

Team members’ direct interaction with one another and with guests is severely reduced thanks to new touch-less transactions and new housekeeping protocols. To learn more about The Breakers current health and safety precautions, please click here.

The GWS has always been known for its international delegation. Do you expect delegates from outside the US?

Yes, we do. Many international delegates have already committed to attending the 2020 Summit. Of course, given the realities, we expect to have a larger than normal US contingent in attendance, and, while there will be a smaller number of delegates at the 2020 Summit than in previous years (due to safety considerations), the GWS has always been more about quality than quantity.

We’re particularly pleased that Welltech1, our Israeli partner, has committed to co-sponsoring the Summit’s first-ever Tech Innovation Pavilion, an important new GWS initiative given the increased demand for wellness technology during and in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Will you offer a virtual component for any of the attendees from countries that are banned from US travel?

Since late March, the GWS has hosted a steady stream of incredibly popular virtual Zoom events (for example our Master Class and Industry Collaborations) to keep the wellness sectors informed and connected, something we intend to continue.

The move to The Breakers illustrates that we are committed to our founding mission—”Joining Together. Shaping the Future.” We recognize that some of our international delegates who have attended previous Summits may be unable to attend this year. We will be making several announcements in the coming weeks which will address this more specifically. Our main focus is the in-person event at The Breakers, though we are mindful of the travel challenge for many and intend to meet that challenge.

Is there a maximum capacity that can safely gather for the Summit at The Breakers?

The guidelines around safe gatherings continue to evolve, and we are monitoring the situation in close partnership with The Breakers. The GWS encourages delegates to register early, as we have sold out each year, and there are bound to be capacity limitations this year.

There are no capacity restrictions for the Virtual Access Package.

It’s difficult to look into the future, but if the event does have to be canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, what would be the refund policy for registered attendees?

If the in-person 2020 Global Wellness Summit is not held as scheduled, the registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled event or to a future Summit of the delegate’s choice within the two years following the rescheduled event (2022).

What kind of content can I anticipate at the 2020 Summit?

The conference theme of “Resetting the World with Wellness” is a call to action for the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy. The 2020 agenda will be instrumental in shaping how wellness businesses, government leaders, and the medical and technology worlds develop more comprehensive and inclusive wellness concepts to remake the world post-pandemic. It also recognizes that the consumer mindset has undergone a “wellness reset” during the crisis: with wellness becoming a bigger focus in people’s lives and commanding a bigger share of wallet.

In-person delegates and virtual attendees will explore the ways holistic and inclusive concepts could transform human life in the future. The 2020 Summit will also feature the first Tech Innovation Pavilion, introducing companies that use digital platforms to provide solutions for the future of health and wellness. In addition, the Global Wellness Institute will release the first research report on the complex, multi-sector mental wellness category, identifying the rapidly emerging mental wellness product and service categories and the opportunities for incorporating mental wellness across other wellness segments. Delegates will also be able to explore the new concepts that bring wellness into the home and the ramped-up interest in the $134 billion wellness real estate and community sector, including a post-Summit (November 11–13) immersion experience on wellness real estate and communities at the pioneering, award-winning development Serenbe (right outside Atlanta), one of the first wellness communities in the US. Space is limited, and it’s only open to registered delegates.

Review the 2020 GWS Agenda here. Please note that the agenda is a work-in-progress and will be updated up until the Summit. All sessions shown on the agenda will be available to both in-person delegates and virtual attendees in real time. Videos of the sessions will be posted for on demand viewing.

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