Calling all wellness leaders around the world! Even if you cannot join the hundreds of thought leaders gathering for the 2022 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) in Tel Aviv, you can gain the knowledge and insights shaping the future of wellness with the Summit on Demand package. This year’s theme is “Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open for Business.,” reflecting the intention to openly and honestly look at the challenges we face on a global scale and offer the kind of thinking that can effect real change in these extraordinary times. There has never been a time in recent history when being “open” was more important.  

The keynotes at the 16th annual GWS will “Open Minds” and facilitate the collaboration of leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of wellness, poised to involve more intersections with medicine, more tech, more personalization, and more integration across sectors.  

The Summit on Demand package offers a full video recording of all keynote presentations for those who cannot attend in person, available for pre-order now and posted after the Summit. Pre-order by November 3, 2022, to save $100.

Keynote topic highlights include:

The New Frontier of Longevity Medicine: This is one of fastest growing segments where tech, medicine and wellness collide. Learn from emerging experts as well as established medical authorities including Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Tzipora Strauss and Dr. Shai Efrati. 

Wellness in Real Estate and Public Spaces: Envision the future of this exploding space with keynotes from Robbie Hammond (High Line co-founder, president and chief strategy officer at Therme Group US) and Marian Hermann (CEO of HB Reavis) along with insights from Dan Buettner (Blue Zones) and other thought leaders from the many aspects of Wellness Real Estate.  

Spirituality, Philanthropy & Wellness: Sure to be an extraordinary moment at the Summit, Jean Sung (Head of Philanthropy Centre, Asia, J.P. Morgan Private Bank) will moderate a panel on the powerful role that spiritual leaders, the business community and philanthropists can have when working together. 

Wellness Innovation Experiences and Insights: Meet award-winning Israeli entrepreneurs disrupting food, fitness and mental health; hear what’s new from global innovators Mickey Beyer-Clausen and Rick Stollmeyer; experience the Tech Innovation Pavilion; and arrive early to tour the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation 

Wellness in the Metaverse: It’s not just coming, it’s here. Learn from the gurus shaping the space from Meta to the new Global Wellness Institute (GWI) Web3 Initiative about how major web-related developments (such as Metaverse, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance, etc.) will impact the business of wellness. 

The Intersection of Art and Wellness: From Tal Danai’s work transforming hotels into cultural centers to Myndstream’s musical experiences to “Dreaming the World We Want” with Sharonna Karni Cohen… feel the impact of art on well-being while gaining insight on what’s to come in science and wellness-related services 

Wellness at the Center of Travel & Tourism: Gain critical insights from global leaders in this sector, including Cathy Feliciano-Chon (Finn Partners), Neil Jacobs (Six Senses), Karen Campbell (Chiva-Som International Health Resort), Tammy Pahel (Alchemy Wellness Resorts) and more. 

The Critical Role of Wellness Policy: GWI research fellows present their report on Wellness Policy, answering questions such as: What’s the relationship between the wellness market and the health and well-being of a nation’s population? What can policymakers do to bring more wellness to more people? 

Changing the Conversation on Women’s Health: Continuing this important conversation, keynotes illuminating opportunities in Women’s Health will be delivered by Aradhana Khowala and Sharon Handelman-Gotlib and a “Passion Story” from Anu Jain. 

Pre-order the Summit on Demand package today to shape the future of wellness with an Open Mind and prepare your business to thrive. Summit on Demand package price increases on November 4, 2022. 

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