Meet the 2021 Global Wellness Summit Co-Chairs

The Global Wellness Summit, the foremost gathering of international leaders in the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy, will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, from November 30 to December 3 and will focus on the growing intersection between health and wellness. The theme for the 2021 Summit is “A New New Era in Health & Wellness.” Embodying this year’s theme, Victor Koo, Co-Founder, Tianren Culture, and Michael Roizen, M.D., best-selling author of “RealAge: Are You as Young As You Can Be?” will serve as co-chairs of the 2021 Summit.

Victor Koo

Co-Founder, Tianren Culture; Hong Kong, China

“The importance of health and wellness has taken center stage in all of our lives—and there is recognition that prevention is far better than cure. Given the interconnected, global nature of our world, I know how important it is to work across borders and cultures for the common good of all people,” said Victor Koo. “The Global Wellness Summit is a key voice and source of influential and innovative ideas around global public health and wellness policies. I look forward to bringing GWS’s message to more wellness seekers around the globe.”

Victor Koo founded Heyi Holdings in 2005, which incubated Youku in 2006, the leading multiscreen entertainment and media company in China. Youku was listed on the NYSE in 2010, and in 2016, completed its privatization and merged with Alibaba Entertainment. In late 2016, Victor retired from his position as chairman and chief executive officer of Youku and served as chairman of Alibaba Entertainment Strategy and Investment Committee for a year. Victor continues to serve as chairman of Heyi Holdings, which currently focuses on emerging investment opportunities with a focus on the convergence of health and technology. In late 2016, Victor co-founded Tianren Culture, a next- generation social platform that focuses on supporting social enterprises, impact investing, and giving with the mission to foster positive global values. One of Tianren Culture’s core focuses is to promote the value of “One Health, One Wellness”, by cultivating healthy and sustainable lifestyles that lead to not only the physical and mental health of human beings, but also the health of the broader environment and ecosystem. From 1999 to 2005, Victor served as president, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer at Sohu, China’s leading internet portal; he also previously worked at venture capital firm Richina Capital Partners, and at Bain & Co. Victor received his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business where he currently serves on the advisory council. He was also a Regent’s Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, where he received a BS. (Hong Kong, China)

Michael Roizen, M.D.

First Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic @DrMikeRoizen

“Living long well is dependent upon making positive choices, including eating right, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and having friends and purpose. I’ve long-touted the importance of combining commonsense and evidence-based wellness with standard healthcare practices to prevent illness. Your wellness program is even more important with the coming of the ‘great age reboot’ where positive choices will significantly impact your ability to live younger longer,” said Michael Roizen, MD, who currently serves as chief wellness officer emeritus at the Cleveland Clinic. “I’m looking forward to working with the 2021 GWS team to further this significant conversation.”

Dr. Roizen initiated and developed the RealAge concept to motivate behavior change. He has served as Cleveland Clinic’s first Chief Wellness Officer from 2007 to 2019 and founding Chair of its Wellness Institute. The Clinic’s Wellness Programs helped the clinic not spend over 1.050 billion dollars for its 101,000 employees and dependents over 11 years compared with national averages and help over 43.6% of participants achieve 6+2 normals® for health.

He is certified in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Williams, AOA from UCSF School of Medicine. He now serves Cleveland Clinic as Chief Wellness Officer Emeritus, and is a Professor, Learner College of Medicine of the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University. He has authored over 190 peer reviewed scientific publications (he really is a science nerd), four New York Times #1 best sellers, 9 overall bestsellers including his initial #1 Bestseller in 5 countries, “RealAge: Are You As Young As You Can Be?”, “AgeProof—Living Longer without breaking a hip or running out of money” and his latest book, “What To Eat When: A Strategic Plan To Improve Your Health and Life through Food”, & served 16 years on FDA advisory committees. He helped start 13 companies, co-invented a drug approved by the FDA, and has a weekly podcast now in its 1025+ week; he and Dr Oz coauthor a daily column syndicated to over 100 newspapers that translates current scientific reports into actionable steps for lay audiences.

He is a recipient of an Emmy, an Elle, and the Paul Rogers best medical communicator award from the National Library of Medicine, and The United Way of Cleveland Humanitarian of the Year Award. Dr. Roizen is devoted to helping people live younger. He consults with patients in Cleveland Clinic’s Executive Health and Wellness Programs.


Registration for the 2021 Summit (in person + virtual) is now open – learn more.

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