Tel Aviv and Israel Make Headlines for Innovation, Technology and Wellness Tourism

Bloomberg ranks Israel #1 for research and development intensity and research concentration. Tel Aviv boasts more startups than any location after Silicon Valley (and more startups per capita than anywhere in the world). The vibrant city of Tel Aviv is also becoming ground zero for health and wellness innovation, technology, and investment—making it the ideal, strategic choice for the 2021 Global Wellness Summit.


Israel, the “Start-Up Nation,” is a world leader in health and wellness innovation and technology
According to the Bloomberg Innovation Index, Israel takes the #1 spot for research and development intensity and research concentration, and Tel Aviv is becoming ground zero for health and wellness innovation, technology and investment. Think reimagining the future of food to breakthroughs in health, fitness, beauty, travel, mental wellness and workplace wellness tech.

Israel is the perfect turf for wellness innovation
There are hundreds of health/wellness start-ups across Israel, and they have an outsized presence on annual global rankings for “best inventions.” The diversity of issues that they’re working to solve for is staggering, from reimagining medicine to reinventing food, wellness and fitness.

A growing wellness tourism and spa market
Israel is a tiny country, but it’s the third largest wellness tourism market across the Middle East-North Africa. And there is new momentum for wellness tourism: from more sustainability and wellness openings in the Negev Desert (such as the new Six Senses Shaharut coming summer 2021) to the Israeli government’s plans for a new Dead Sea Valley Complex, an “epic investment” that will restore and develop the millennia-old destination to become one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations.

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