“Interconnectivity and the Global Nature of Public Health”

By Victor Koo, Chairman of Heyi Holdings & Co-founder of Tianren Culture

The on-going epidemic has been a wake-up call and a vivid reminder of the interconnectivity and global nature of public health, the critical importance of wellness in our society and the interdependence between humans and the broader ecosystem of nature, plants and animals, whether we are talking about climate change or zoonotic diseases.  It has also created a global reset on our behaviors and lifestyles at home, work and play and a New New Era in Health and Wellness”, that is increasingly taking the center stage in our lives. 

These momentous changes have also accelerated the role of digital technology – the hybrid of online and offline is now the new standard in all our communication, including in all matters related to health and wellness.  Whether it is telemedicine, point of care diagnostics, importance of health data in helping improve our longevity and quality of life, the positive impact and privacy implications cannot be clearer or more relevant.   

At this year’s Global Wellness Summit (GWS), we will build on the GWS’s successful hybrid event last year by offering new ways to foster interactivity and community, especially through our online innovations.  For the offline event in Boston, safety protocols are carefully designed to ensure the well-being of all participants.  In a world of social distancing and international border travel restrictions, these new and creative approaches cannot be timelier. 

These dramatic changes in our world have also raised the importance of mental wellness as more uncertainty and stress can become the new normal for many.  Recent scientific research has increasingly shown the efficacy of wellness practices such as meditation and breathwork in our daily lives to tackle the new challenges we face on a daily basis.   

Being mindful of healthy lifestyle choices, such as plant forward diet and regular physical movement can all be a part of a holistic, preventive and sustainable solution.  Please join us at this year’s exciting Global Wellness Summit where we will discuss all these topics critical to our lives.