RAKxa Wellness and Medical Retreat


RAKxa is Thailand’s one and only fully integrative wellness and medical retreat situated in Bangkachao, Bangkok’s Green Lung. Combining an abundance of beauty and charm with serious health advice, motivation and results. RAKxa embarks a new journey of being well, where advanced medical sciences integrated with holistic wellness for preventive health treatment. The term ‘rakxa’, in Thai language, means to preserve or to heal, which parallels the inherent concept of this project, which was launched in partnership with VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic (the anti-aging clinic of Bumrungrad International Hospital) with the aim of creating a fully integrated wellness and medical retreat. At RAKxa, guest’s health & wellness profile will be analyzed by Medical doctors to offer comprehensive time-honoured healing programs such as Traditional Thai Medicine using the royal palace’s medical knowledge from King Rama II’s era, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda.

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